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About Us

We are an on-line auction site that provides a venue where Buyers and Sellers can come together, to have fun with e-commerce. We will supply the venue. The transactions are between the Buyer and  the Seller. We hope to provide you with the best overall trading experience on the net.

Our goal is to go above and beyond the other auction sites on the net, to create an experience where buyers and sellers feel equally well treated.  Often, Sellers feel mistreated as well as the Buyers on these other sites.
We have personally been involved in and have seen first hand, the inequalities many of the other sites can generate.
With over 10 years of experience buying and selling online, we feel that Bidfest®
is able to see from a unique perspective and avoid many of these shortcomings.

One major aspect of our beliefs is in the method of payment. We will NEVER tie you to, or force you into using our financial services. We will let the the Buyer and Seller choose the safest way that will satisfy them both. However, please don’t misread what we’re saying and think that anything goes.

Our requirements will be laid out in our policies, to ensure all transactions can be as safe as possible.

We are always looking to provide the best marketplace available for you.
Your ideas and suggestions are always welcomed and valued.
You can be assured, that we will listen with an open ear and without arrogance.
We wish you all success in your ventures with Bidfest®.

Sincerely Bidfest®


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