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We’re sure that you all have many questions about Bidfest®.

First we’ll try and provide you with as many Questions and Answers as we can think of……

Q - By listing an Item on Bidfest® are we agreeing to a contract?
A - Yes!  You agree to follow all laws governing your state (in the USA) and all laws of the United States of America.
      In addition, you’re agreeing to follow all of Bidfest® rules too.

Q - What are Bidfest®’s "rules"?  (Our rules can also be found in our Terms of Service.)
A - 1)  Only “legal” items can be sold.
      2)  No pornographic services or items can be listed.
      3)  No counterfeit, knockoff or imitation items can be listed.
      4)  No human parts or animal parts can be listed.
      5)  No firearms or weapons that fall under the law of the ATF can be listed.
            (To see if your item falls under the guidelines of ATF, please contact them at .)
      6)  No stolen items can be listed.  This will not be tolerated.
          (We will work diligently with all agencies of law enforcement, in the event that an item is found to be stolen.)
     7)  No memorabilia or items that fall under the category of “hate” or "intolerance" can be listed.           
          (Examples, Nazi, Anti Anything, Slurs towards any Nationality, Race, Religion or Sect.)

     8)  Listing of any Alcoholic Beverages (wine/spirits).
          All Sellers are solely responsible for following State & Federal laws.
          Additionally, all Seller must state their policy, of how they intend on carrying out these regulations,
          according to ATF, ABC or any licensing in their or the purchasers states.
          (To read guidelines of ATF policies and laws, please visit their site at ).
          (Visit ABC's internet sites, in all states to make sure you're following state law as well.

Q - What are my costs to sell an item on Bidfest® ?
A -  All listings are FREE!

Anyone using this site, agrees to be bound by United States Copyright laws.



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