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How to Sell

Once again, welcome to Bidfest®. 

We’d like your experience with us to be safe, fun, enjoyable and profitable.

We at Bidfest® have thought "rationally" about this.  What we’ve come up with is to “Keep it Simple “.

Here’s how Bidfest® selling works....

All listings are FREE!  When your item has sold, you will be charged $0 (Zero, Nill, NOTHING, 
period).  That's it!  

Other auction sites charge up to 13%, plus listing fees and extras.  Just so you understand what we are saying….

NO • Insertion fees.

NO • Special category fees.

NO • Picture hosting fees.

NO • Buy the item now fees.

NO • Title fees.

NO • Reserve fees.

NO • Listing upgrade fees.

NO • Time duration fees.

NO •  Impossible calculations, to figure out what you will have to pay, at the beginning or end of your auction or sale.

Forms of payment accepted are:

All major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, your bank account 
and United States Postal Money Orders. There will be NO cash payments to any Seller on Bidfest®.

This is part of your user agreement that you accept when
 you become a seller on Bidfest®.

How to Sell on Bidfest®:

Step 1)  Create an account with BidFest®.

Step 2)  Click on "SIGN UP” button located at the top right corner of your screen.

Step 3)  You’ll see a form that needs to be filled in with all of your “True” information.

Step 4)  After you’ve completed filling in all of the boxes, click the "CREATE ACCOUNT" button, an email will be sent to you.

Step 5)  Go into your email address to verify account link by clicking on the “LOGIN” button.

Step 6)  You’ll be taken to your Sellers Dashboard where you can sell and manage your personal account.

Step 7)  Click on the “SELL AN ITEM” button located on the top left of your screen.

              You’ll now see an easy form that you can fill in. You can choose the duration of your auction.

              Choose to auction your item, sell it at a set price or you can select all options together.

              We’ve also provided an easy way for you to add pictures and video.

              if you only have the ability to post regular pictures, that's fine.

              Buyers love to see an actual video of the item.
              This will increase your sales and decrease the time in which your item sells.

How to

                 Take a video of your item with your phone, upload it to your youtube account.

                 Click on the "Share" icon and copy the URL address. Then paste it into the add Video in the listing box.

                 ( If you don't have an account, they're easy to create ) Click on the  YouTube or use your Google account Link.

                 Our resarch shows that buyers feel 50% more positve about buying an item when they've seen a video of it.


              What are you waiting for?  Start listing Now!


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