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Welcome to Bidfest® !!

First, some interesting facts.

Statistic show......
Auctions make 31% more money than static sales ads.
Why ?
Joining with others, bidding on something many people desire, creates competition.
The brain creates endorphins, a powerful chemical that heightens wellbeing or excitement.
This is related to the euphoric feeling found while gambling, betting on horses,
participating in sports, even going to sporting events.
People will bid higher than they'd normally pay for an item when it's being auctioned.
Because they're in the battle of competition and all people hate to loose!
When people win, they receive that "euphoric" feeling.
Buyers feel like "Winners" when they beat all others for the prize!

There are many ways to increase your sales.

Of course, low prices are always best. If you have competitors and you can sell your items for less than they have them listed for, then the sale will usually go to you. (Common sense)

Choose to sell items that are unique and in demand. Selling items that everyone can offer will reduce you market and sales.

Providing incentives to buyers is a great help. Here are a few - no or low shipping, combined shipping discounts for multiple items and expedited shipping. Buyers love to receive their merchandise quickly.
A money back guarantee tells buyers that you’re honest and that you can be trusted to deliver the exact item and quality that they expect.

Building an honest reputation goes along way to building a list of satisfied buyers. Satisfied buyers return and tell others about their experience with you. Word of mouth can never be underestimated.  Never overlook this form of advertising. A bad or spotty reputation will ruin your business.and kill your sales.

The way your auction and Item is presented, is very important.  Presenting your item clearly and directly is one of your main goals.  Auction design, layout and a detailed description of your item is a must for any successful auction. The better your item is displayed (great pictures, many angles, especially a video) will help sell your item more easily. It will also lessen any complaints from buyers feeling that you’ve misrepresented an item. This will increase your success and create a happy buyer.

A happy buyer is a returning buyer.



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