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We’d like to thank you for coming to Bidfest®.  Think of us as “ The Better Place “.

Where our story begins....

We’ve been involved in buying and selling on other auction sites for over a decade. Our sales and purchases increased over time.  These auction sites benefited dramatically. We were making them more and more money and they became wealthier and wealthier. Instead of being rewarded for our efforts, we sellers were thanked with crazy or ill thought out policy changes. They ranged from increased charges for listing and selling, cancellation of item listings for no apparent reason, sellers accounts being suspend or deleted, and finally the monopolization of payment method for buyer and seller. 

Many of us tried to talk, plead and reason with them, we were met with arrogance, hostility and finally total disregard. We’re positive that many of you that are reading this will be shaking your heads in agreement.  So what were we to do?  Well, we aren’t the type of people to accept the “ Status Quo “ and we certainly weren’t going to make these ungrateful corporations any richer with our help. 
So one evening, while a group of friends were watching sports, we came to the conclusion that these auction sites are all broken... Not only broken, but beyond repair!!!
 They all have no incentive to change. Why would they?

Our solution to the problem.... 

That evening, out of the ashes like a Phoenix, BidFest® was born.
 We learned a great deal of what not to do and what we should do. What they never will!  It’s so easy!
 To “ Think Reasonably “ !

We thank you for reading our story and we thank you for being part of us.
 We know that we could never make it without you and in that lies our success.

We at Bidfest® “Think Reasonably “ .


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