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Returns are between Buyer and Seller. We only provide a venue to bring Buyers and
Sellers together.


If your purchase is broken, the wrong item or an item not as described.  The Buyer
should contact the Seller and try to work out any problem.


If a Seller has any concerns with a Buyer, the Seller should try to work out the issues
with the Buyer. Sellers should always try to satisfy their Buyers to their best ability.
Doing so will assure your role as a trusted seller. It's a small price to pay for having
a stellar reputation. It will reward you with loyal buyers and increased sales.

As we've stated.
Even though we are just a venue for Buyers and Sellers to come together,
we will try to protect all of our users from predatory behaviors.

if you need to notify us of any issues, please email us by clicking on this link below.



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