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Shipping & Delivery

Shipping of purchased items

Shipping is between Buyer & Seller.

We advise Sellers to keep their shipping to a minimum.
Buyers will buy from Sellers that have reasonable shipping rates or free
shipping more often than those that have higher fees.

Sellers, if we see unreasonably high shipping and handling,  you will be given
a chance to correct your error, If not, your listing will be canceled.
If the behavior continues, we'll consider more stringent solutions.

Even though we are just a venue for Buyers and Sellers to come together,
we will try to protect all of our users from predatory behaviors.

If a Buyer has any concerns about getting paid for an item. We suggest that they use
a protective intermediary such as PayPal or any other secure payment company.
The same advise is suggested for Sellers too.

Delivery of purchased items

Delivery is between Buyer & Seller.

Sellers should supply all Buyers with a shipping and relative deliver time in their listings.
Being aware of this will go a long way to having happy Buyers.
We recommend that buyers confirm this before buying.

We suggest that all items that are shipped have a tracking number.
This will protect both Buyers and Sellers.

If you need to notify us of any issues, please email us by clicking on this link below.



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